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Deborah R. Hilbert

Hi, I'm Deborah (Deb) Hilbert. I'm a scientist and educator. I study trees in cities. Check out this site to learn more about my research and experience.

After graduating, I started my own urban tree science consultancy called Many Trees Consulting, LLC.



Here is a sample of my most recent peer-reviewed publications.

Hilbert, D.R., E.A. North, R.J. Hauer, A.K. Koeser, D.C. McLean, R.J. Northrop, M. Andreu, S. Parbs. 2020. Predicting trunk flare diameter to prevent tree damage to infrastructure. Urban forestry & Urban Greening 49(2020):126645.


Hilbert, D.R., L.A. Roman, A.K. Koeser, J.M. Vogt, and N.S. van Doorn. 2019. Urban tree mortality: A literature review. Arboriculture & Urban Forestry. 45(5):167–200.

​​Hilbert, D.R., L.A. Roman, A.K. Koeser, K. Hamilton, S. Landry, R. Hauer, H. Campanella, D.C. McLean, M. Andreu, and H. Perez. 2019. Development Practices and Ordinances Predict Inter-city Variation in Canopy Coverage. Landscape & Urban Planning 190(2019):103603.



I collaborate on a variety of projects related to urban forestry, arboriculture, and sustainable urban landscapes.

A current project of mine looks at the success of underused native trees that have been planted in central Florida urban areas.

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